Lee's Summit R-7 Schools - Approved Technology List


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100155 Star Students 5 Star Students yes view view View 11/5/2018
20374AAPPL AAPPL yes view View 12/12/2019
15471ABC Clio ABC Clio yes view View 7/3/2018
11391ABC Mouse ABC Mouse yes view view View 3/24/2020
10514Achieve 3000 Achieve 3000 yes view view View 7/26/2018
15827ACT Academy ACT Academy no view view View 8/31/2018
13494Actively Learn Actively Learn yes view view View 7/25/2018
14424Adblock Adblock no view View 9/7/2018
16251Addie Math Addie Math yes 7/23/2018
16039Adobe Creative Cloud For Education Adobe Creative Cloud For Education yes view View 7/26/2021
10499Adobe Illustrator Draw Adobe Illustrator Draw no view View 8/13/2018
14090Adobe Photoshop CC Adobe Photoshop CC no view View 11/7/2018
10737Adobe Photoshop Express Adobe Photoshop Express no view View 8/13/2018
11613Adobe Photoshop Mix Adobe Photoshop Mix no view View 8/13/2018
12443Adobe Photoshop Sketch Adobe Photoshop Sketch no view View 8/13/2018
11299Adobe Spark Adobe Spark no view View 11/7/2018
11612Adobe Spark Page Adobe Spark Page no view View 11/7/2018
11611Adobe Spark Post Adobe Spark Post no view View 11/7/2018
13496Adobespark Adobespark no view View 12/12/2019
17206Agile Work Profile Agile Work Profile no view View 9/1/2021
10987AIMSweb AIMSweb yes view view View 7/24/2019
11158ALEKS ALEKS yes view view View 7/3/2018
10019Animoto Animoto no view view View 8/9/2018
12682Answer Garden Answer Garden yes 4/7/2020
20717Apogee2 Apogee2 yes 10/30/2019
12013Artsonia - EDU Artsonia - EDU yes view view View 7/22/2020
17654Assembly - Art And Design Assembly - Art And Design yes view view View 3/25/2020
11165Autocrat Autocrat yes view view 8/4/2021
16271Autodesk Autodesk yes view view View 7/25/2018
11831Autodesk Fusion 360 Autodesk Fusion 360 yes view view View 11/20/2020
19622Avid Avid yes view view View 5/14/2019
16605Basecamp Basecamp yes view view View 9/26/2018
14661Be Internet Awesome Be Internet Awesome yes view view View 4/3/2019
12008Beautiful Audio Editor Beautiful Audio Editor yes view view View 8/6/2018
11163Beeline Reader Beeline Reader yes view 3/3/2020
15780Benchmark Universe Benchmark Universe yes view View 8/6/2018
20710Blooket Blooket yes view view View 5/24/2021
13526Bloomz Bloomz yes view view View 8/9/2018
11450Bloxels Bloxels yes view view 9/25/2018
16088Bloxels Builder Bloxels Builder yes view view 9/4/2018
14335Book Creator Book Creator yes view view View 2/7/2019
14336Book Creator For Chrome Book Creator For Chrome yes view view View 2/11/2019
10121Book Creator Free Book Creator Free yes view view View 10/24/2018
15671Bookshare Bookshare yes view view View 8/24/2018
20162Boom Cards Boom Cards yes view view View 8/20/2020
15725Boom Learning Boom Learning yes view view View 8/20/2020
16240Boomalang Boomalang no view view View 7/31/2018
14439Boomwriter Boomwriter no view view View 11/8/2018
16783Braining Camp Braining Camp yes view view View 2/25/2020
11693BrainPOP BrainPOP yes view View 8/9/2018