Hollister R-V School District - Approved Technology List

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10493ABC Alphabet ABC Alphabet yes view 10/11/2018
10494ABC Alphabet Phonics ABC Alphabet Phonics yes view 10/30/2018
11450Bloxels Bloxels yes view view 10/24/2018
16088Bloxels Builder Bloxels Builder yes view view 9/18/2018
14286Bloxels Edu Bloxels Edu yes view view 9/18/2018
16089Bloxels Star Wars Bloxels Star Wars yes view view 9/18/2018
14335Book Creator Book Creator yes view view 7/23/2018
12265Capstone Capstone yes view view 10/16/2018
13256Chatter Pix Kids Chatter Pix Kids yes view 11/7/2018
12997Chatterpix Free Chatterpix Free yes view 9/4/2018
14243Class Dojo Class Dojo yes view view 7/25/2018
11256desmos desmos yes view view 7/23/2018
12800EDA Play EDA Play yes 10/11/2018
10526Edpuzzle Edpuzzle yes view view 7/25/2018
16548Epic Reader Epic Reader yes view view 10/24/2018
11829Flipgrid Flipgrid yes view view 7/23/2018
11132GetEpic GetEpic yes view 10/24/2018
14582Go Formative Go Formative yes view view 7/23/2018
12390Google Arts & Culture Google Arts & Culture yes 7/23/2018
11176Google Classroom (Edu) Google Classroom (Edu) yes view view 7/25/2018
10479green screen by do ink green screen by do ink yes view 11/14/2018
10202Haiku Deck Haiku Deck yes view view 7/23/2018
10218iMovie iMovie yes view view 10/9/2018
13437Jimu Jimu yes view 10/24/2018
13497Kahn Acadamy Kahn Acadamy yes view view 9/4/2018
10518Kahoot Kahoot yes view view 9/4/2018
10075Nearpod Nearpod yes view view 7/25/2018
13265Openstax.Org Openstax.Org yes view 7/23/2018
15032Peardeck Peardeck yes view view 11/13/2018
13277Phet Simulations Phet Simulations yes view 7/23/2018
10310Pic Collage EDU Pic Collage EDU yes view view 11/7/2018
11167Playposit Playposit yes view view 7/23/2018
13067Prodigy Math Game Prodigy Math Game yes view 9/14/2018
11407Quizizz Quizizz yes view view 7/24/2018
11397Quizlet Live Quizlet Live yes view view 7/23/2018
16434Quizzizz Quizzizz yes view view 9/12/2018
10519Screencastify Screencastify yes view view 7/25/2018
10342SeeSaw SeeSaw yes view view 7/23/2018
11372Skoolbo Common Core Skoolbo Common Core yes view view 10/11/2018
10889Speak It! Speak It! yes 10/8/2018
13266Storyboard That Storyboard That yes view view 7/23/2018
12718Storyline Online Storyline Online yes view 9/4/2018
14221Tab Resize Tab Resize yes 9/17/2018
14394Teach Your Monster To Read Teach Your Monster To Read yes view 9/14/2018
10386TED TED yes view view 9/4/2018
13529Timeline JS Timeline JS yes 7/25/2018
11198VideoNote.es VideoNote.es yes view view 7/23/2018
11550Zearn.org Zearn.org yes view view 10/11/2018
14328Zoom Zoom yes 10/11/2018