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Student privacy should be your top priority.

Every educational software package, website, and app comes with a lengthy Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Those are the legal-looking documents we all usually agree to without reading or even giving a second thought. But when it comes to our children’s data, it’s not only important to understand how student data is used, it’s the law.

EdPrivacy helps ensure that the software and websites your students use are compliant with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), FERPA, and other student data privacy regulations. Our easy-to-understand privacy scoring system cuts through the legalese to help you understand exactly how the company plans on using student data, allowing you to make informed decisions. You can share this information with parents via Education Framework hosted public pages, ensuring you’re in compliance and with local, state, and federal student data privacy legislation.


Privacy Quality Score makes privacy easy

We analyze every app and website you enter and give you a score based on a five-star system to show you how safe your student data is. If it doesn’t rank five stars, we can tell you exactly why so that you and parents know what personal information is being collected, how it’s retained, if that information will be used for commercial purposes, and if parents have the ability to review or delete the student data that’s collected. You can then determine based on the recommendations if the software can be used in your classrooms, if direct parental consent is required, or if you should stop using the software altogether.


Student Data Privacy on a MacBook Air

Involve parents in their children’s privacy

Public Approved Technology Lists give parents and your community the ability to track the software, apps, and websites used in your classroom, keeping them informed about student data privacy in your district.


Student Data Privacy dashboard for parents

Engage EdTech vendors with improvement requests

Contact education technology vendors about making improvements so that thier software can be used in your school district.  If an app or website delivers great student outcomes but does not handle student data properly, you can engage the vendor to request improvements based on any shortcomings that were identified during the student data privacy assessment process.


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Conduct audits at any level

EdPrivacy allows administrators to easily review and audit online student privacy practices at the state, district, school and classroom level, providing the opportunity to quickly spot privacy problems and take care of it before it becomes something bigger.


Privacy and online curriculum auditing

Works anywhere, anytime, on any device

Our software is accessed completely online with nothing to download, so it works on every desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone no matter what operating system, for both you and parents.


Connect from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Safe and secure

Using an industry-leading cloud computing system and advanced encryption, we safeguard district information atevery step.


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