Calculate the Return on Investment of using EdPrivacy®

This ROI calculator determines the Return On Investment of purchasing an annual EdPrivacy subscription as compared to doing the policy vetting in-house within your district.

Costs of In-District Vetting of Online Application Privacy Policies
1. How many students are enrolled in your district?    
1. Estimate the number of online learning resources your district will use, or will consider using during the next school year? (minumum 200)    
Hours per application or online program are spent in total by all the people throughout the district who participate in vetting each online application?
Number of times per year, your district reviews each application's privacy policy?  
Man hours per year to review privacy policy: (# of apps * # of hours per app * # of times per year reviewed)

2. What is the average annual salary of the person responsible for vetting online application privacy policies?    
# of hours per year that district IT person works
% of IT person's time spent on reviewing apps (man hours per year reviewing apps/ # hours worked per year)
In-district Cost to review privacy policies within the district (Salary * % of IT person's time)

EFI investment/ Cost to acquire EFI (annually)
Cost per student of Education Framework:
# of students * cost
ROI = (In-district Cost - EFI Cost)/In-district Cost

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